Fightflood for Android

This project is an application to allow people to find supplies in Bangkok during the flooding. Stores were only getting occasional supplies, so things were very hard to find. This application for Android allowed users to report a find of a particular commodity (such as water) to a central database and tag it with a […]

TUDVD 2010

Head of Programming Department, Triam Udom Suksa School Memorial DVD 2010

Debit card system for Rich Laundromat

Develop a proprietary debit-card processing application which interfaces with a payment gateway and allows users of a self-service Laundromat to may using their prepaid debit card. Programmed using: PHP, MySQL, CSS Lines of Code: 3500+

Triam Udom Timetable System

This system is used to keep track of the calendar and room assignments for teachers. This was built at the request of my Counselor, to help teachers arrive on time and without confusion.

TUDVD 2009