Mentioned in 15 newspapers (49 articles)

As I’m the Thailand International Olympiad in Informatics representative, 15 newspapers in Thailand mentioned me when I participated in IOI 2011. Only The Nation is English. Others are in Thai language. You can view both Thai and English language newspaper archive below.  

TV: IT Focus on TNN24 Channel

IT Focus on TNN24 Channel June 7th 2011 11.00-12.00

TV: Business Smart on NBT Channel

Business Smart on NBT Channel June 16th 2011 11.35-12.00

Drupal mentor said about my participation on Google Open Source blog

Charlie Gordon, Drupal’s Google Code-In mentor, said about my Google Code-In participation on “Open Source at Google” blog. “…A student from Thailand, “chalet16”, worked on five complex coding tasks for Drupal’s style guide module. Over many iterations with the tasks’ mentor, the quality of chalet16’s code improved, and he also became more comfortable with using’s […]