Fightflood for Android

This project is an application to allow people to find supplies in Bangkok during the flooding. Stores were only getting occasional supplies, so things were very hard to find. This application for Android allowed users to report a find of a particular commodity (such as water) to a central database and tag it with a […]

Austistic Nonthaburi Website

Voluntarily created a website for Austistic Center at Nonthaburi (a city in Thailand)

Mentioned in 15 newspapers (49 articles)

As I’m the Thailand International Olympiad in Informatics representative, 15 newspapers in Thailand mentioned me when I participated in IOI 2011. Only The Nation is English. Others are in Thai language. You can view both Thai and English language newspaper archive below.  

Silver Medal, IOI 2011

Silver medal in International Olympiad in Informatics 2011 – one of four Thailand representatives – competed with 306 students from 79 counties.

TV: IT Focus on TNN24 Channel

IT Focus on TNN24 Channel June 7th 2011 11.00-12.00

TV: Business Smart on NBT Channel

Business Smart on NBT Channel June 16th 2011 11.35-12.00

Bronze medal, APIO 2011

Bronze medal in Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad 2011 – competed with 640 contestants from 18 countries

Drupal mentor said about my participation on Google Open Source blog

Charlie Gordon, Drupal’s Google Code-In mentor, said about my Google Code-In participation on “Open Source at Google” blog. “…A student from Thailand, “chalet16”, worked on five complex coding tasks for Drupal’s style guide module. Over many iterations with the tasks’ mentor, the quality of chalet16’s code improved, and he also became more comfortable with using drupal.org’s […]

TUDVD 2010

Head of Programming Department, Triam Udom Suksa School Memorial DVD 2010

1st prize in NLC11

First prize in National Linux Competition 2011,organized by National Electronics and Computer Technology Center. Competed with 525 students. Also got the maximum score on paper tests in 2009,2010 and 2011 competitions.

Top 16th Google Code-in 2010

Top 16th in Google Code-In 2010 – competed with 361 students under 18 from 48 countries worldwide to contribute to open source software development

Speaker, Barcamp Bangkok 4

Talked about speed up websites and protect their stabiliy using Linux load-balance system in Barcamp Bangkok 4 URL: http://www.barcampbangkok.org/events/barcamp-4/2010-10-23

Debit card system for Rich Laundromat

Develop a proprietary debit-card processing application which interfaces with a payment gateway and allows users of a self-service Laundromat to may using their prepaid debit card. Programmed using: PHP, MySQL, CSS Lines of Code: 3500+

Top 500th Google Code Jam 2010

Top 500th in Google Code Jam 2010 among over 10,000 professional programmers worldwide http://code.google.com/codejam/contest/scoreboard?c=635102

Triam Udom Timetable System

This system is used to keep track of the calendar and room assignments for teachers. This was built at the request of my Counselor, to help teachers arrive on time and without confusion.

President of TUCC

President of Triam Udom Suksa Computer Club. Elected as President by popular vote. Train computer programming and graphic skills to members.

TUDVD 2009

Zend PHP5 Certification

Zend PHP5 Certification is a exam created by Zend PHP Education Advisory Board as a measure of  experience in the world of PHP.

Joomla! Bug Squad Team

Member of Joomla! Bug Squad Team. The team to to identify and fix bugs in Joomla.

National Olympiad in Informatics 4th

Gold medal and 3rd rank in National Olympiad in Informatics 2008 – competed with 84 students who have been selected from each region of Thailand


WhyWorldHot.com is a website dedicated to environmental responsibility in Thailand. It has been featured in eight Thai newspapers in conjunction with articles about the global environment.