Drupal mentor said about my participation on Google Open Source blog

Charlie Gordon, Drupal’s Google Code-In mentor,¬†said about my Google Code-In participation on “Open Source at Google” blog.

“…A student from Thailand, “chalet16”, worked on five complex coding tasks for Drupal’s style guide module. Over many iterations with the tasks’ mentor, the quality of chalet16’s code improved, and he also became more comfortable with using drupal.org’s issue queue, a key part of our development process. Not only were the tasks well done, but when chalet16 encountered software bugs in parts of the code that he wasn’t working directly on, chalet16 had no problem taking the initiative and opening new issues for the bugs, even submitting additional patches to those issues that fixed the problem. That’s exactly the kind of participation that we want to attract to our project, and to open source software development in general. …”


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